Expressly without any reservations or hesitations, the Buckhannon Opera House is not only one of the most perfectly constructed arts, dining and entertainment venues, but it also possesses that special kind of ambiance that entertainers dream of experiencing every night while performing. Right here in north central West Virginia's backyard is a world-class opera house, which will become a sought after destination for all actors, dancers, and musicians!”

— David D. Taylor - True Crime TV personality

Welcome to the Buckhannon Opera House

Best described as where a touch of elegance and historic charm meet, the Buckhannon Opera House is a full-service catering facility and entertainment venue housed in three Historic structures, located in the heart of historic downtown Buckhannon, West Virginia.  


We have transformed the space into a beautiful event center with original one-hundred-year-old hardwood floors that have been lightly sanded, coffered ceilings, colorful lighting and stylish decor. There is a bar made from cherry wood, exposed brick walls that are the original exterior walls of the buildings on each side.


The glass doors, which front Main Street, open into a large reception area that helps transition patrons and guests to the main floor.  The dining area can seat up to two hundred guests at a mix of round and rectangular tables.


With an elevated stage, the Buckhannon Opera House is also perfect for taking in a live performance of music, dance, theater or speech.  Additionally, to accommodate performing entertainers, musicians and show cast members, there is a green room near the stage with a full bath, wet bar and make­up table.


The Buckhannon Opera House is in what is originally the Crislip and Simpson Building built in 1893 and is accessed between the Chamber & Visitor Center and Mountain Lakes Insurance Agency. G.C. Murphy, known for decades by the locals as the ‘dime store,’ operated a retail store from 1928 through its closure in 1997, eventually expanding to the buildings on both sides. The location was last used as Main Street Antiques until it moved across the street in 2012. 


Since its opening 2018, the Buckhannon Opera House has quickly become the community’s preferred venue for quality events and entertainment such as, performing arts, live music of all genres, dancing and cultural opportunities for area residents and regional visitors. With most events open to the public, the venue is an ongoing symbol of historic preservation and artistic excellence.


In the old days, opera houses were prestigious gathering places for the local community and there have been three opera houses in Buckhannon; the original one dating back to 1854.  Today, starting with a dream and after a five-year renovation project, the new Buckhannon Opera House has come a long way and will proudly carry on the vision launched over 165 years ago by our community's forefathers in bringing us together.  The Buckhannon Opera House is the only community-based entertainment venue of its size in north central West Virginia, and now has quickly become the cultural focal point of the greater Buckhannon community.


To accommodate the entire community and our belief of being inclusive for the greater good, the Buckhannon Opera House strives to provide access to all public events and programs to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, sexual orientation or economic standing, and endeavors to identify barriers to this goal and make improvements to ensure our venue can be accessed and enjoyed by all.  


We trust you will find some time to stop by to say hi, check out the house or even to take in a show.  When you visit, you will be taking in a piece of our local history that we can’t wait to share with you!



C.J. & Jeannie Rylands